Text To Speech Enhance [TTSE]

The purpose of TTSE is to Enhance the "listening experience" when using the inbuilt Text-to-Speech in your Kindle

There is a perceived issue with most books in regard to what happens when a chapter ends and a new chapter begins. As is customary, the author does not use a full-stop etc after chapter headings etc with the result that words get jumbled together and the reader becomes confused.

We overcome all those issues by duplicating the whole book content and pasting it at the end of the html file. The book then has 2 distinct sections, one to Read and one to Listen to.

The first indication of this facility is on the book cover and here is an example

Then the first item [apart from Title] in the Table of Contents -

- will take you straight to the screen below

As per the instructions, you simply Turn On Text-to-Speech on your Kindle and it automatically starts to read, and as long as you continue with Listening sessions [eg every morning on the bus to work] rather than Reading sessions of the book, Kindle will remember the location and re-commence reading from there the next day etc.