Covers Are Us "Turkey Talking" Page


Please do not be intimidated by the buttons on this page as the main purpose of clicking a button is to establish a SECURE connection between you and us. That is to say it is most unwise to exchange email addresses [even if not "clickable"] in a Forum.

In this way the main "entry field" in the Form that should come up is the last one, where you simply say in your own words what it is you want, ie we don't insert the normal annoying "* required field" in every second field. Then, with the connection in place we can converse safely by email to ensure you get your book as you want it.


If you elect one of these [below], you will be taken to the Order Form where, after paying, you will tell us your requirements.

IMPORTANT - If it happens that you pay and PayPal does NOT take you to the Input Form [for reasons mortal man might not be able to explain] then all is NOT lost.

We will get your email address via the PayPal advice and will contact you, and if you did not get to the Input Form then we will email the web address for you, bypassing the need to pay twice.


Or if you simply want to ask a question, we take you straight to the Input Form