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When we started our service in July 2010, we assumed that most authors would have already rendered their actual book to Kindle format but might be looking for help to make Promotional [Product] Covers. Alas we were wrong, and although we had BUNDLED in a Formatting Service [just in case], it NOW appears that many authors need the Formatting Service MORE than the Cover Service.

So we have UNBUNDLED the Cover Service and the Formatting Service, meaning you can select EITHER or BOTH.

But there's more folks [and no it's not steak knives]. We have now entered into the marketing aspect of Kindle Books and offer a full web site for your individual book.

So here is the Web Service

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Here is a selection of recent covers we have provided for customers, all of these being repeat customers, ie we have done a total of 20 covers for these 4 customers.

As you can see, the 4 covers above are shown as actual size on the Product Page for your book on Amazon, so it is important to use a cover for which the details are clear at this small size and in fact the initial Thumbnail in the Search Results is less than half that size.

We strive to communicate with you to achieve a cover that meets your aspirations for your book, while accommodating these restrictions which are part of the Amazon System, and most of all "pops" to convince your prospective customer to keep clicking on YOUR product.

To get some more ideas on what "works", here is a Blog article: The Good Oil on Covers

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The reason people have problems formatting for Kindle would seem to be because of two very similar "contradictions". But whatever, while we expound on these reasons below, our SOLUTION is to simply offer a service where WE take all the pain away and format it FOR you.

But to briefly explain the contradictions, Kindle uses a form of html but most people write their book in a Word Processor, usually MS Word, SO somewhere in the middle the twain must meet, and therein lies the problem.

Contradiction #1 is that in order for certain Word type styles [eg toc1, toc2, heading1, heading2, normal etc] to automatically render to Kindle, one must first have a good understanding of USING styles in Word [and most people don't, because they use Word as a glorified WYSIWYG typewriter], but then one must FORGET 90% of the styles because Kindle does not render them.

Contradiction #2 is that in order to "tidy up" an html file which has been "converted" by whatever process from Word etc, one must first have a good understanding of html, but similarly one must then FORGET 90% of html [eg tables, CSS, frames etc] as Kindle does not use them.

Sounds totally moronic? Well, in a way, yes, but that is the only way it can work. However, as we say, all of that is OUR "problem", but in fact is not much of a problem as we have 20 years experience in Word and 15 years experience in html and every day we "LEARN more about what we have to UNLEARN". So yes it IS moronic, but please simply leave it there, and be thankful you have found a service that understands these contradictions.

PLEASE READ The "small print"

We started this format service in good faith that people would at least loosely follow the Amazon Guide regarding the use of Normal Style etc in Word. For those that did, we were able to format their book at $39.95 [INCLUDING RRF] and still maintain our sanity, but others sent their "War and Peace" [breaking all the Rules of the Guide] and taking us a week to get it to Kindle Format.

So we have done two things. Firstly we have increased the price to $75 [ie 50% of the only other format service that divulges their price] and secondly inserted a caveat to the effect that if, after inspecting a book file, it transpires that the author is really after a "Cheap Editing Service" [where asking price from Editing Companies is about $1,000], then we reserve the right to refund any monies and/or contract a price commensurate with the task.

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Our latest feature is a fully hosted website for your book.

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